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Wether you have booked a photo session via email and confirmed it with me, or if you want to pay for other add-on services,
you can pay via my website either with Paypal or Credit Card/Apple Pay. 

If you just like my website and want to support me for looking at the pictures I take, I truly appreciate a kind donation from you. 
You can donate via my website as well, see below.

Payment via my website and shopping cart

You can buy and pay for all items that you have booked via my website in My Shop via credit or debit card.
The website uses Stripe as a payment provider. 

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a quick and secure way to accept credit card and debit card payments online. With our integration with Stripe, you can process payments almost instantly. Learn more at

Is Stripe secure?

Stripe exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security. Click here to learn more about the technical details of Stripe's secure infrastructure.

Is Stripe PCI-Compliant?

Yes. Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. To learn more, visit their documentation on their security practices.

Is SSL offered with your website shopping?

Yes. Checkout and payment pages are served over SSL in your Commerce site.

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Payments via Paypal

You can pay on my shop for your purchases via Paypal.


Support Me!

As mentioned above, you can support me with a kind donation if you like my website and the pictures showcased here. Photography involves a camera only - for a start. But if you do it professionaly, much more is needed like lenses, tripod, flashes, bags, light stands, backdrops, computer, software, proper training, just to name the most expensive ones. In the beginning of a business, you have few cusotmers only usually and cannot charge extraordinary prices, so I am grateful for additional support.

Thank You in advance already. (As I am not a charity your donations are not tax deductible)