FAQ's and Policies

The following questions and answers should be a help for your questions and are binding for parties involved with me.

A. Contact, reservation and booking

1.     How can I contact you?

Please contact me by calling me, texting me/Whats-app me, send me an email, use the contact form on my website or use my Facebook page

2.     How do I make a reservation?

Please contact me and please suggest your preferred photo session date(s). I will reply ASAP, which dates are possible, reserve the first possible date for you and send you a quotation.
If you are a client running a business or are an organisation/charity, I will send you a contract form with my quotation and product description via your preferred contact channel.

3.     How do I make the reservation binding?

Private Clients:
If you do not need a contract, then you just confirm my answer and we have an agreement, which is binding to both sides.
Business Clients:
Sending back the confirmation form and making a down payment of 30% confirms that your reservation is booked and binding to both sides.

4.     What happens if I need to reschedule an appointment date?

I understand that this could happen. Please inform me as early as possible by telephone or SMS. We can reschedule and find another date.  If you have not informed me and do not show up then, all incurred costs (travel cost, time cost, fees or rental cost) are fully payable by the client. See the General Terms and Conditions document please.

B. Legal Documents

1.     How is the reservation confirmed to the client?

The photographer confirms the reservation to the client with a confirmation document (“Standard Photographic Licence and Engagement Confirmation”) stating the relevant photography package, the price of the package, the purpose of the photography works and media used, territory and time for displaying, publishing, distributing and/or copying the Photographic Works of the photographer.

2.     Do I sign a contract with you?

Private clients:           
Private clients just confirm informally to the proposed photography work and price via the chosen communication channel, unless they require a formal contract (see A3).                  
Business clients:         
The photographer confirms the reservation to the client with a confirmation document (“Standard Photographic Licence and Engagement Confirmation”) stating the relevant photography package, the price of the package, the purpose of the photography works and media used, territory and time for displaying, publishing, distributing and/or copying the Photographic Works of the photographer.

3.     Do I need to sign a Model/Property Release form?

Private clients:           
Your privacy is very important and the photographer will always ask the client before sharing any pictures. Currently private clients do not need to sign such a release form.
Business Clients:        
A model/property release form is sent alongside with the confirmation/contract. This needs to be signed by the client for any person/property depicted in the photography session.

4.     What is a model/property release form about?

A release form states that the person/model in the photo(s) consents to be photographed as well as for the photographer to use the images.
The same applies to a property release form, which protects the photographer from potential lawsuits where people claim invasion of privacy or
defamation after their property was photographed. The photographer always will ask the client, if a few pictures maybe used on his Facebook page/website.

5.     Do you have Terms & Conditions?

The General Terms and Conditions that are binding to the client and Christian Dickgreber PHOTOGRAPHY ,are available for download from the website or obtainable on request.
They are approved and issued by the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photography (HKIPP).

C. Payment

1.     Do I need to make a Down Payment?

Private Clients:
Believing in good will and the intention to be photographed, no down payment is required from private clients.
Business Clients:
To confirm the reservation (see B 2.) the client has to make a down payment of 30% of the amount for the chosen photography package or of the negotiated photography fee.

2.     When is the remaining amount due?

The session fee/outstanding amount is due with the photography session, either in cash, cheque or an already executed bank transfer (pleases inform me about the reference number). The pictures will only be delivered if the full package price has been successfully paid.

3.     What is the accepted currency of payment?

The payment can be done in cash (HK$, US$, Euro), by cheque or HSBC bank transfer.

4.     Can I buy a gift voucher for a photography session?

A gift voucher is available for any designated value above 1000 HK$. Gift vouchers have to be paid fully before they are issued. Only paper vouchers originally issued by Christian Dickgreber PHOTOGRAPHY are valid, no digital copy.

D. Weather Conditions

1.     What happens if it is raining during the booked photo session?

If it starts to rain during the photo session and we cannot finish, we will agree on a new session date free of charge. If the weather seems to improve soon, we can take a break and continue afterwards. The break time is not counted against the paid session time.

2.     What if it is raining already on the day of the photo session?

If that is the case, we will get in contact and discuss rescheduling the photo session and find a new date, free of charge.

E. Photography packages:

1.     What can I expect from the photo session?

A private photo session is a unique, intensive and fun experience for you and the participating people preserving precious moments of you and your loved ones.

2.     How many pictures do I get?

Depending on the chosen package, you get between 10 and 60 digital pictures. You can order also printed pictures or wall art. I will take as many pictures, that after a first selection (void pictures with closed eyes, movement, background distraction) you will be able to select from enough unedited draft pictures.

3.     What is the format size/pixel size of the pictures I receive?

The picture size varies depending on the cropping applied to the picture in post production. I will try not to crop a picture below 2400 pixel on the shorter side, so it can print out to 8" given a resolution of 300 dpi.

4.     How large can the pictures be printed?

Depending on the crop factor, which was applied on to the original image, a size of DIN A4 (approx. 8” x 11”) should be printable (see E3).

F. Appointment and Punctuality

1.     What happens if I am late?

It can happen, that you can be late. Please call me immediately about this, so I can wait at the location or advise of an alternative location, if the traffic is very bad. If my schedule allows, I am flexible to make the photo session happen. See the General Terms and Conditions document please.

2.     What if I do not show up?

If the client does not show up without informing the photographer, the deposit is non refundable and covers the no show/loss of income of the photographer. See the General Terms and Conditions document please.

G. Copyright and Right to Use

1.     Who owns the copyright of the photographs?

The copyright is fully owned by Christian Dickgreber PHOTOGRAPHY. I reserve the right to use your images in my portfolio, on my website, for sharing on a social network, a company blog, an exhibition or as a studio display (if applicable). However I respect your privacy and and will ask the client for permission before publishing any pictures.See the General Terms and Conditions document please.

2.     Will my pictures be commercially used?

I will not sell any of my clients’ pictures for print ads, advertisement or other commercial purposes unless to yourself and/or unless authorized by you.

3.     How can I use my pictures after I received them?

The client has the right to print, digitally share on social media or digitally use the pictures as long as it is for private use and not a commercial purpose. You are not allowed to digitally alter the pictures in any form. See the General Terms and Conditions document and the Standard Photographic Terms and Conditions of Engagement please.

4.     Can I buy the RAW photographs of the session

The RAW files are not part of any package and therefore not sellable. They will be retained by the photographer for one year, if space allows also longer.

H. Expectations and photography style

1.     The pictures I see in the proof are not what I expected?
        I don’t like them…

By meeting (personally) and/or clarifying (over the phone) upfront with my clients I try to align the expectations to a photo sessions for both sides.
I will take the booked or requested photographs of you to my best knowledge and I by using professional equipment.

2.     Do you use flash during the photography session?

If I shoot indoor, I do use flash, however I just use a diffusor/softbox on the flash and/or point the flash indirectly to the subject.
If the photography session is an outdoor session, a flash only is used as a fill light and the natural light will be used.

3.     I want to have natural images from my children?

We have to un-pose your child/children! The biggest goal when capturing kids is to help them look as natural as possible, so I truly want to “un-pose” them. It is all about “Make picture time into play time”, and let the kids be themselves.

I. Travel cost

1.     Are there any travel costs?

The chargeable travel costs are as follows:

  • Hong Kong Island: no travel costs
  • Kowloon: no travel costs
  • N.T., Sai Kung, Country Parks: travel costs for taxi, ferry or bus services
  • Outside Hong Kong S.A.R.: Travel costs are charged on a times and material basis

See also the General Terms and Conditions document for further explanation,  and the Standard Photographic Terms and Conditions of Engagement.

J. Preparation of photo session

1.     What clothes and colours should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes and wardrobe. The colours for more people should match colour wise but should not be too equal.
Wear some complimentary colours like blue and pink or green and red.  Try to avoid big prints/logos, as it may not look timeless afterwards and it can date a photo to a certain fashion or to a fashion period. Also avoid white as it could make some people looking pale. Latest a week before your photo session, I will send you a document with examples how to dress.

2.     Should I bring change clothes?

You are always welcome to change clothes as long as the time permits and as long as there is an appropriate opportunity to change clothes if the shooting is on location.
For young children you should have some change clothes at hand in case the children get dirty.

3.     Anything else I need to consider?

Please try to clean your teeth (I mean just regular tooth brushing) before the photo session, as nothing is more disturbing afterwards as things that show up between your teeth later on the pictures…              

K. People and Accessories

1.     Who may join the photo session?

The people that are photographed should of course join the session. It would be a distraction if friends or more relatives come to the photo session.
If you want to bring your helper for changing children’s clothes or taking care for your children or your belongings it is always welcome.

2.     I want/need to bring more people to be photographed?

It needs to be clarified and agreed beforehand if you want to bring more people for the photo shoot as specified in the package description/contract. An extension of the photo session is recommended or a separate session should be booked.

3.     Can we bring our pet?

Definitely! Your pet is part of your family/life and will make the photo session so much more fun. Unless it is the goldfish in the glass… But bring that one as well….

4.     Can our children bring their toys/should we bring other accessories?

Your children definitely should bring their cuddly toy or doll. It gives them confidence and they get distracted and better relaxed.

5.     For how many people are photo session package planned for

The headshots session is for one person only, the iconic packages are suitable best for 2 people or a family, and the portrait session relates to a family with 2 adults and 3 children in average.

L. Session Time and Session location

1.     Do you take pictures in a studio?

If this is your requirement please let me know and it can be arranged.

2.     Where does the session take place?

The photo session can either take place in your house or on location, which is usually an outdoor location of both your or the photographers choice and it is a common decision.

3.    What is the best time for a photography session?

The best light is in the early morning and/or in the late afternoon. Having children in the photo session, the early morning is better, as the children are not yet tired from the day and they are more attentive. 

M. After the photo session

1.     What happens after the photo session?

The pictures get backed up and I make a first selection (sort out blurry and closed eyes pictures) and those selected pictures will be uploaded to your personal client proofing website in low-res quality with a watermark, unedited.

2.     How can I select pictures from the photo shooting?

After logging in to your personal client-proofing website (password secured), you can select favourite images by liking them.

3.     Do I need to notify you about the selection?

Once the client has finished selecting pictures, the photographer will be notified and can start with the final editing and retouching of the selected pictures.

4.     How do I obtain the final pictures?

When the editing is done the final pictures will be uploaded in high res to the same client proof site.
After being notified by me via email you can download/share/email these pictures.

5.     I have selected more pictures than the package fee covers?

This it not a problem at all. If you did select more pictures than your package contains, please see the tier system here about the cost of additional pictures.

6.     Do you retouch the pictures and to which extent.

The pictures for the final deliveries are retouched related to basic exposure properties and are individually cropped. If you want special beauty retouching, this will be clarified in the beginning and it will apply in each case then for an additional fee.

7.     Do you archive images from the photo session?

Yes, the pictures are archived for 1 year in an offsite vault.

N. Other Questions:

1.     Can I order pictures as wall art?

Yes, definitely. Let me know which pictures of your session you want and which style/framing. I can even send you a graphic of how that looks on your wall.
Just send me a picture of the wall and visibly place a DIN A4 paper on the wall to help me see the proportions. For wall art options look up also this link on my website for wall-art options.

2.     Do you do new-born photography?

I do not do new-born photography in Anne Geddes style, but I am happy to take natural pictures of you and your baby.

3.     Do you do wedding photography?

Currently I do not offer any wedding photography.

4. How do I print forms from your website?

Either you receive the relevant form via email and can print it then after opening, or you can open the document in iBooks on any Apple device and print it from there.